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About us

Erganik is a manufacturer of toxin-free personal care and household products made primarily from organic materials based in Grayslake, Illinois, U.S.

Our Vision

To help people live healthier and longer lives.

How we intend to get there

By building a brand that employs a sustainable approach to manufacturing products that are free of known toxic ingredients and that actively work to address the issues that consumers buy them for.


We are guided by a commitment to the following principles which form the fundamentals of how we do business:
  • Accountability to our customers
  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Fairness and
  • Equal opportunities in the workplace.

We believe in producing products that leave as small a carbon footprint as possible without sacrificing the quality and efficacy of our products. We also believe that it is our responsibility to take consumer concerns into consideration when manufacturing products that consumers ultimately use.

To this end we firmly are against testing any of our products on animals, the inclusion of known toxic ingredients in any of our products and waste with regards to the packaging of our products.

Important issues for us

Some of the important issues that we are addressing and of concern to our consumers include the following:

  • Ingredient quality
  • Sourcing of ingredients
  • Our overall approach to sustainability
  • Employment policies
  • Ethical practices

Our commitment and scope

We are committed to making significant progress with the important issues mentioned above and guarantee to our customers that all our products will be made primarily of non-toxic organic ingredients.

We are also committed to ensuring that our packaging reflects our commitment to sustainable initiatives by reducing our carbon foot print as much as possible while ensuring that we continue to deliver high quality products now and in the foreseeable future.

Keeping you informed

We plan on keeping you informed about our progress with the existing issues we mentioned above, with regards to our sustainable initiatives and also with regards to our services to you the customer and the community at large.